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“7 Editing Mistakes That F*ck Small YouTubers” Published Apr 2, 2024. The section is from 3:17-3:37, and 7:17-7:41
“Youtube Growth Secrets 101 – Nate Black” Published Dec 4, 2023 by the channel Josh Dittmer. When confronted with the facts, Josh only claimed “I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.” He didn’t seem to care as long as he got the views.
“What Pros Don’t Tell You About Winning on YouTube – Nate Black” Published on Nov 13, 2023 by the channel Creator Smarts Podcast. The only comment by the channel on this video was “Did we miss something?” And the answer is yes, yes you did.
  • Nate Black Quit the Channel Makers YouTube Channel: Video Breakdown

    Nate Black Quit the Channel Makers YouTube Channel: Video Breakdown

    A Video Breakdown of “Why I Left Channel Makers” Nate begins by expressing his intention to record the video in a single take to keep it as raw and transparent as possible. He acknowledges that he has notes to refer to during the recording. Nate mentions his excitement and trepidation about the video, especially considering…


Yes. He had an employment contract that he agreed to not compromise the company.

No. Allegedly, the terms of his employment agreement were very clear. Therefore, his current channel and website would be in direct conflict with such an agreement.

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